1. Business Design Corporation (aka BDC), will provide Client with the following services:
    1. A Systems Developer to act as TouchStone Consultant with the Client to assist them in their development of an organized, profit-focused, entrepreneurial business.
    2. TouchStone Systems Development Meetings, by telephone, each month, to provide the consultation for the Client’s TOUCHSTONE Business Design Program.
    3. If you have not purchased a TouchStone Silver or Gold program the above items do not apply.
    4. The Business Design ONLINE TOUCHSTONE BUSINESS SYSTEMTM for one to five password accounts. More password accounts may added for an additional monthly fee using the Upgrade Account Option in the Client’s TouchStone Account Administration Section.
  2. The Client will provide Business Design Corporation with:
    1. Monthly payments according to program purchased payable to Business Design Corporation by Credit Card on this day August 19, 2022, each month (Ongoing Fee Date), starting immediately.
    2. This agreement shall automatically renew each month on the Ongoing Fee Date until terminated or services are placed on hold as per the conditions outlined below under “Cancellation of Services” or “Placing Services on Hold”.
    3. Client must read and agree to the TouchStone User Agreement when initially logging into their TouchStone system.
  1. Contract Term: This Agreement is month-to-month with automatic renewal each month on the Fee Date of the Contract unless canceled by either party, for any reason, with 30 days written notice. Fees are fixed for one year from the Start Date of the Agreement, after which anniversary, fees for the TouchStone Business System and/or related consultation may become adjustable.
  2. Cancellation of Services: Clients Services may be cancelled as described above. Any fees paid are not refundable. Should the Client elect to terminate this Agreement, for any reason, the Client agrees to schedule and complete any outstanding consulting meetings within six (6) months from the date of their written notice to Business Design Corporation of termination of their Program.
  3. Placing Services on Hold: The Client may elect to place the consulting services of the Program on temporary HOLD for up to two (2) months, with a written notice to Business Design Corporation.
  4. Business Design Corporation Services are Advisory Only: The Client bears sole responsibility for the use and implementation of these services in their business. Client agrees to forever indemnify and hold harmless Business Design Corporation, TouchStone Business Systems, any Business Design Consultant, and/or any other employee, contractor or agent of BDC from and against any loss, cost or expense resulting from the Client’s activities related to the subject matter in this document, the Business Design Program, and/or the use of the TouchStone Business System or any other BDC informational processes or programs.
  5. Primary Accountability: While the TouchStone Consultant will be providing the Client with guidance, coaching, and program information, the Client will be primarily accountable for producing the results in the program. Approximately three to five hours per week per principal of routine business development time, in addition to the Client’s meetings with the TouchStone Consultant is considered a necessary minimum to achieve significant results with Business Design Programs.
  6. Direct Work: Client agrees not to work, either directly or indirectly, with any person or entity (or referral from same) that has ever been an employee, contractor, or agent of BDC, for a period of three (3) years from the termination of the Client’s contract with BDC, without the express written agreement of Business Design Corporation.
  7. Rescheduling Meetings: Except for emergencies, 48-hours notice prior to the meeting time must be provided to reschedule a TouchStone System Design Meeting, or the meeting will be forfeit.
  8. TouchStone Business SystemTM: The Client will have an account with full use of the TouchStone Business System (from 1 to 5 password accounts), at no extra charge during their term as an ongoing Consulting Client of Business Design Corporation. Upon TERMINATION or HOLD of the Client’s consulting work with BDC, the Client may elect to either: 1) continue the use of TouchStone for the ongoing fee of $149/month (or $1,495/year paid in advance); or 2) discontinue use of TouchStone and instead, download all the Client’s TouchStone files (as MS Word .doc files) to Client’s own computer server.
  9. Complete Agreement: This Agreement, dated August 19, 2022, between the Client and Business Design Corporation is complete. All prior agreements, promises or representations shall be merged herein.